Create a Responsive Government

The organization of city governments is independent of the county government and replaces it for almost all decision-making within the municipality.  A municipality cannot directly oppose county regulations but can perform these services differently with emphasis on the needs of Port Charlotte residents.

A City Government

  • Makes all budgetary decisions, including spending and any additional taxation
  • Interprets State building codes independent of the county
  • Sets zoning regulations
  • Sets criteria for fines and forfeitures
  • Is a separate legal entity and as such enters into and manages all contracts which for waste disposal, road repair, etc., independent of the county government
​For more in-depth information please click:  local Government Structure

Most cities formed since the mid-1990's simply rent space for their employees.  Estero has a room and access to a conference room to meet their needs as a newly formed city.  If we manage our new city on a contractual basis, we need a minimal staff. Westin has 9 employees almost 20 years after incorporating and Estero is planning on 5 full time employees.  If all services are contracted out the city is not responsible for salaries, pensions and insurance costs of contracted personnel.  Additionally City Council members are not entitled to high salaries.  They are part time and can be paid as such.  Estero pays it's Council members $6,000/year.