Develop A Plan for our Future

  1. We have one of the most extensive canal systems, offering direct access to Charlotte Harbor, in SW Florida
  2. With our mangroves and numerous small isles, we are a fisherman's paradise a short boat ride away
  3. We have 2 hospitals and a full complement of medical facilities
  4. We have parks, a beach, numerous boat ramps, kayaking, a sailing school, and many other outdoor activities to attract families and seniors alike.
  5. We have a large area that is zoned commercial and many opportunities for development

To be successful, Port Charlotte, will need to develop a successful strategic plan for how we will grow and what direction this growth will take.  Having a city government instead of county administration assures that Port Charlotte residents will determine our future.  Through citizen input we can determine the direction and shape of our future.  

It's not going to be easy but the things that are really important never are.  Having a small responsive local government places the responsibility for what we become in our hands. 

Good planning and implementation will attract developers and investors who need the reassurance that we their money will not be wasted.  There's alot of work ahead if we proceed with implementation but if we don't, there is only more of the same and the chance that we will experience a decline in our neighborhood, our community, and our quality of life in Port Charlotte.