The Florida State Legislature bestows a municipality designation for any area wishing to incorporate.  Prior to submission to the Legislature, the municipality must perform 4 tasks which are:
  1. Development of a Feasibility Study.  This study addresses 17 points that the area must demonstrate financial sustainability.  The cost for producing this study is approximately $20-25,000.
  2. Development of a Charter.  This may be done without outside help but most likely the charter will be done by an outside firm.  The cost for Charter development may also be in the $20-25,000 range but we don't have exact figures for this at this time.
  3. Demonstrated support for the creation of the municipality by the Board of County Commissioners.  This can be done through a vote during a regularly scheduled commission meeting.
  4. Demonstrated community support for the creation of the municipality.  This is done by petition.  Online petitions are acceptable as this is an expression of interest only.
If the Florida Legislature grants the rights of a municipality to Port Charlotte, the Board of Elections would then add it to a ballot for vote by citizens affected by this change.  If the vote is pro incorporation, the status of municipality will be formed.  If the vote is not successful, no municpality will be formed and Port Charlotte would continue to be run as it has been with no rights to revenues generated within the area.