Incorporation Can Enhance Economic Development

Economic development for Port Charlotte has been severely lacking.  This lack of opportunity hurts our business people, our senior citizens and families.  

Port Charlotte has no plan for growth.  If you were a developer or investor, would you bet your money on Port Charlotte? Successful Economic Development depends on convincing businesses that there is a plan and a reasonable chance of success that the plan will come to fruition.  Without incorporation, Port Charlotte can neither develop a plan or ensure it's implementation.

A municipality manages it's own economic development in addition to whatever activity the county is pursuing.  If we want to match the growth rates and home appreciation values of North Port or Punta Gorda, we need to have control of our own planning and development. 

Have you been to North Port lately?  The growth rate and attraction of developers and new business has been phenomenal over the last few years.  Port Charlotte is at risk of becoming the drive-through area where no one wants to stop.  It's a wake up call when real estate agents take prospective buyers out of the county to look at homes in North Port rather than in Port Charlotte.  

Growth shouldn't put more financial burdens on current residents.  If fact, it should help them through more jobs and opportunity, if our efforts are successful. 

It isn't just about growing at all costs, but about how we want to grow and what we want to become in 10 years.  Ours would be a Cinderella story if we can turn our local economy around but it will take the dedication of talented people from all walks of life to make this a reality but we can do it!