Pros and Cons of Incorporation

It's been talked about for decades but never seems to happen but incorporating Port Charlotte and gaining control of our own destiny is the only way we can save our community.  This time we should work together to come up with a framework for government that works for everyone.

The following is a summarized list of the pros and cons of incorporating Port Charlotte


Replace Charlotte County government with Port Charlotte City government

Control spending to prioritize Port Charlotte projects

Reduce costs of taxation, fees, permits etc. after the first couple of years.

Interpret State building and zoning regulations to make it easier for business and residents to make improvements

Capture revenues through county and state tax revenue sharing.  We pay it now but get little direct benefit

Be eligible for federal and state grant monies to be spent locally in Port Charlotte

Determine economic growth through vision and incentives for Port Charlotte

Have a stronger voice in decision making that affects your family

Create jobs in the private sector and reduce payroll for government employees

Change our community from a relatively poor one to a dynamic growing area.


Need to raise funds for needed feasibility study to move forward or find volunteers willing to write the report.

Taxes might increase slightly as Port Charlotte would need to contract services back to county for the first few years while fund reserves were built up.  Estimations are $14/month or $168/year for the first two years but a feasibility study would need to be done to be more specific

Port Charlotte is a less wealthy community than other areas that have incorporated, with many households paying no Ad Valorem or property tax. This would have to be offset by tax sharing revenues and a slightly higher property tax than we might otherwise see. 

Some of the cons are going to upset some residents but if we don't invest in our own community, we already know the county isn't going to.  Watching the growth of Punta Gorda and North Port, we can see how much better off we could be if we controlled our own destiny.


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